Amp and Decks



1) When confirming a booking a 100 deposit must be paid to finalise the booking.  Upon receipt, we will send a booking confirmation letter.

2) If the deposit is not received within 3 days, we reserve the right to accept other bookings.

3) The outstanding balance must be received at least Seven days prior to the function date. Alternatively, the balance may be paid on the date of the function, before the start time, in cash. Failure to comply with this condition will result in the immediate termination of the contract.

4) If the client cancels a booking one month or more before the function date, the deposit will not be refunded, although it will be held against any future booking with us. If the client cancels a booking within one month of the function date, the full outstanding balance will become due.

5) We require access to the function room one and a half hours prior to the start time to set up our equipment. If there are access problems which were not previously advised to us by the client, we may apply a surcharge of up to 50, to be paid in cash before we remove any equipment from our vehicles.

6) It is the client's responsibility to ensure that the function room is equipped with at least two standard unshared 13 amp 240 volt power socket for our use.

7) The client will ensure there is adequate supervision of guests, customers and staff at the venue, and will be liable for any loss of, or damage to, our equipment, vehicles or personal belongings, whether caused by the client, guests, customers or staff.

8) Our staff will conduct themselves in a proper and professional manner at the venue, and will respond to the client's requests regarding volume, music and any other reasonable requests.

9) If we deem our persons or property to be under threat, verbally or physically, we reserve the right to terminate our services without notice. Should this happen, no refunds will be made.

10) Requests for extra playing time will be granted where feasible, subject to venue restrictions & the agreement of venue officials where appropriate. Overtime will be charged at the rate of 50 per hour, to be paid in cash before the overtime period commences.

11) Upon the conclusion of the function, we will require approximately sixty minutes to remove our equipment and vacate the premises.

12) In the event of a delay or loss of performance due to events beyond our control, the client is still liable for the full outstanding balance. In the event of any other dispute, our liability is limited to the return of payments made to AMP AND DECKS